Bravo x Doc
Harrell #8172 • RRNNFD
Frozen semen available, collected and stored at RSG.

Big Ten
Warfare x Arms Race
Big Ten is our 2018 keeper buck. He is out of our double bred Arms Race daughter, who is also a granddaughter of Impact’s famous #984 “Big Booty Judy.” We purchased her in Impact’s 2017 production sale. Being one of the top five grossing ewes in the auction, we were able to breed her to an elite choice of rams. We took the recommendation of Calvin Reilly and bred her to Warfare. The mating did not disappoint. His lambs are starting to hit the ground and we are excited about what he will do for our flock.


Predator x Amstutz #1132
Rocky is our 2017 keeper buck. He is a Predator son out of an Amstutz ewe we purchased from Mishler. Thank you to Dr. John and Pam Shelle for purchasing half interest in this ram.

2019 Keep Rams

Optimus Prime x Fat Jesus 

Big Ten x Impact 1409 (Rule x Game Face)


2019 AI sires

Buckle x Choad 
Owned by: Strube and Harrell

Bulleproof x Player
Owned by: Shroyer

Angry Bird x Bedrock
Owned by: Hild

Fat Jesus x Motherload 
Owned by: Haws

Atlas x Jimmy John
Owned by: Amstutz

El Chapo x Shower Chicken
Owned by: Johnson Family

Reference Sires

Impact 96 x Light Em Up 
Impact Hamps – Sold for $88,500
Purchased by KarrPetzenhauser,
Andresen, & Schminke

Impact 18066
Arms Race x Young Jock
Owned by: Impact Hamps

Road Rage
Shower Chicken x Fate
Owned by: Hobbs and Hassebrook

Optimus Prime x Turtle Man
Owned by: Fairley

Optimus Prime
Bushwacker x Arms Race
Owned by: Fairley and Impact

Trump Stump
Drop the Mic X Tundra
Owned by: Schmillen

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